The Exoskeleton

Category: Architecture

Role: Architect
Year: 2014
Technology: Rhinoceros, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD

For an architecture studio project, we were prompted to create a fabric structure in the Acadia National Park in Maine. Our studio actually visited the site in Maine over spring break where we researched the area and culture of Maine, such as shipbuilding. The Exoskeleton is a concept for a dynamic pavilion that can be easily transported and assembled on various trails within the Acadia National Park. The outer fabric is sewn through vertical ropes and hoops that act like masts on ships, allowing for the fabric to be pushed up and down to take different shapes. The fabric is hooked to joints that slide on the spine like shower rings, providing a different way to adjust the fabric form. The pavilion benches are also expandable, helping to adjust the shape of the pavilion.