Category: UI / UX, Web Development

Role: UI/UX Designer, UI Developer
Year: 2016
Client: General Services Administration (GSA)
Technology: Angular, Node.js, Adobe Illustrator

We were awarded this project as a result of our performance in the GSA 2015 Hackathon. The GSA was in the process of consolidating its data centers, so they needed a tool for tracking the quarterly changes to the number of active data centers. We worked closely with the client/product owner to drive the requirements for this MVP application. The admin could create a new quarter pre-populated with the previous quarter’s data center information and make modifications as necessary before officially creating the new quarter. Once created, the employees would be notified of the new quarter and would be able to go in and edit the quarter’s data centers with the latest information before submitting.

Overall this was a pretty quick application that was designed and developed over the course of a couple months. It required a lot of communication between design and development to prioritize functionality in order deliver a working MVP.

Screenshots of Coded UI


Workflow Diagram

Created in Adobe Illustrator


Annotated Mockups

Created in Adobe Illustrator