COVID-19 New Cases Report

Category: UI / UX, Web Development

Role: Developer, UI/UX Designer (side project)
Year: 2020
Technology: HTML, CSS, JS/JQuery, Bootstrap, COVID19 API, Google Charts, Firebase

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A travel report for the HR team

As a side project, I was provided a prompt to develop a website that generates a report for an HR team. The purpose of the report was so the HR team could look up employee travels during the COVID-19 pandemic to help assess new cases and associated risk. I created a simple website that allows you to select two countries and a date range to run the report. Using the COVID19 API and Google Charts, the report returns each country’s current and new cases information for the provided date range. It also assesses each country’s risk based on the number of new cases vs. % population.

Below are screenshots of my response I built over a few days – I had fun styling the site with a modern dark theme. I deployed the site using Firebase at

COVID-19 New Cases Report
COVID-19 New Cases Report - Search
COVID-19 New Cases Report - Report