COVID-19 Dashboard

Category: UI / UX, Web Development

Role: Developer, UI/UX Designer (side project)
Year: 2020
Technology: HTML, CSS, JS/JQuery, Bootstrap, COVID19 API, Google Charts, Firebase

Update 10/10/2021: Open source COVID19 API is currently returning 0 for Recovered data

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My take on the COVID-19 dashboard

As a side project I designed and developed a COVID-19 Dashboard using the open source COVID19 API and Google Charts. There are a lot of Coronavirus dashboards out there, but I wanted to create a modern dashboard that displayed what I thought was the most important information in a clean, graphical manner. I then deployed the site using Firebase at

The dashboard contains a world overview with key data, high-level world statistics, “leader board” of most affected countries, a country lookup to search for a specific country, and a world map view to display the cases.

COVID-19 Dashboard Overview

COVID-19 Dashboard Overview
COVID-19 Dashboard World Stats
COVID-19 Dashboard Most Affected
COVID-19 Dashboard Country Details
COVID-19 Dashboard World Map